Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Quand le Developpement auquel vous aspirez…… When the development to which you aspire

Quand le developpement auquel vous aspirez est a` l’autre cote du fosse’ ,il faut savoir construire le Pont qui vous y conduit  ou alors avoir le courage de faire le bond,et si c’est un mur l’affronter pour le faire tomber comme celui de Berlin.Quand un peuple s’autodetruit au fil du temps,il n’aura ni les jambes pour faire le bond ni  les bras pour construire le Pont  ou faire tomber le mur

When the development to which you aspire is to the other side of the pit, you must know how to build the bridge that leads you to it, or have the courage to make the leap, and if it is a wall to confront it to make it fall Like that of Berlin. When a people self-defeat over time, it will have neither the legs to make the leap or the arms to build the Bridge or to make fall the wall

Sheikh Modi Sow

Friday, July 28, 2017


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
يا الله الرحمن الرحيم
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During these 2 decades of experience in our Qur'anic care and treatment activities, we have recorded and treated several cases of male impotence in very varied forms, including: Total Impotence or Not, Lack of Sensuality, Absence of rigidity, Premature ejaculation, Difficulties of ejaculation, insufficiency of sperm, sperm too solid or too light, etc, but always of diverse origins.,
                                                          1-Of satanic origin,
Either by an attack by witchcraft causing impotence with a target partner,
- either by satanic attack by witchcraft causing a rejection of the spouse by the man
- either by satanic attack due to the demonic possession of the spouse
-Either by an accidental satanic attack causing a neurological deficiency
-either by the consumption of natural but toxic products
Or by the accidental reversal effects consecutive to wirdus (zikrs) resulting from a deliberate choice or association of Names and verses or formulas and their numbers, as well as the automations resulting from its secret practices ;
These states are together accompanied by satanic dreams, nightmares or simply a void, forgetfulness during or after dreams.
                                                          2-Of psychological origin due,
-or by a material and financial precarity very accentuated in front of a great responsibility
-or by a chronic conflict situation in the household
-Either by a profound feeling of professional insecurity
- Either by the absence of feelings and attraction for the spouse for various reasons, among which can be mentioned those listed in point 1
                                                          3-Issue of a state of serious illness,
-Of neurological impotence
-cardiovascular and blood disorders of various orders
-By Hypertention and consecutive treatments
-By diabetes and consecutive treatments
-By chronic or localized pain
                                                           4-Of medicinal origin
-Either by the toxin of pharmaceutical drugs
-Either by the toxicity of certain herbal medicines
-Or by accidental reversal effects of prescriptions or self-medications by normal or non-standard pharmaceutical products or by traditional medicines
                                                           5-Physical Accidents
- Certain physical impairments due to accidents
                                                           6-Advanced Age and Lifestyle
-consequences of prior sexual activity too intensive
                                                          7-Consumption of toxic products
-intoxication by consumption of toxic or high toxic chemicals or by inhalation of toxic gases

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Sheikh Modi Sow

Friday, July 21, 2017


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
يا الله الرحمن الرحيم
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Depuis un certain temps,je constate que des personnes physiques ou virtuelles tentent de pirater mes comptes Email et  Facebook .Peut etre qu’elles y sont arrivees peut etre que non.
En tout etat de cause,je demande a` tous mes contacts et lecteurs de mes postings que tout propos malheureux et desobligeant qui emanerait de telles sources a` mon nom seraient tout simplement de mauvaises intentions de la part de leurs auteurs.
De meme il n’est pas exclu que ces memes personnes,par escroquerie agissent ou tentent d’agir a` mon nom dans le cadre de mes activites sous le pretexte de vendre des medicaments coraniques ou de prodiguer des soins et traitements coraniques.
A ce titre j’apporte les eclairssisments ci-apres:
1-Les medicaments de Secours a` l’Humanite ou RESCUETOHUMANITY,donc mes medicaments ne sont pas en vente libre ni en ligne ni par d’autres moyens et ne sont pas envoyes par colis par avion ou par des voies intermediaires.ILs sont integres dans les soins et traitements que je prodique meme a` distance par Telemedication, a` mes patients,soit  pour les soins et traitements de leurs maux et maladies ,soit pour la resolution de leurs besoins sociaux divers et cruciaux et ne sont disponibles que dans ma pharmacie coranique.
Ceci implique le contact direct obligatoire avec tous mes patients par message a` mon adresse ou par Whatsapps par mon numero +232 76 74 46 15,suivi par contacts  telephoniques par le meme numero ou par le numero +232 77 90 28 33.Toute entreprise en mon nom en dehors de ce cadre n’est pas de moi et serait alors une escroquerie pure et simple.
Dans le cadre de nos procedures,tout besoin qui m’est soumis fait l’objet d’un diagnostic rigoureux pour determiner la ou les causes du mal ou de la  maladie ou du cas social a` traiter,pour ensuite definir les medicaments qui devront soutenir les soins et traitements et j’accompagne mes patients pour le bon suivi des traitements ,jusqu’a` leur guerisson totale ou bien jusqu’a` la resolution definitive de leur probleme.
De meme ,dans le developpement et l’organisation futurs de RESCUETOHUMANITY,il n’est nullement prevu de vente libre de nos medicaments coraniques.Leurs delivrance est effectuee strictement dans le cadre du fonctionnement des structures de santé de RESCUETOHUMANITY,pour eviter toute mauvaise entreprise de personnes de mauvaise foi
Nous assumons la responsabilite totale dans nos procedures dans les diagnostics et garantissons les resultats des soins et traitements que nous prodiguons a` nos patients,PAR LA GRACE D’ALLAH.
Sheikh Modi Sow


MPORTANT MESSAGEFor some time now, I have noticed that physical or virtual people try to hack my accounts Email and Facebook. Maybe they have arrived there maybe not.In any event, I ask all my contacts and readers of my postings that any unfortunate and derogatory remarks that would emanate such sources in my name would simply be bad intentions on the part of their authors.Similarly, it is not excluded that these same persons, by fraud, may act or attempt to act in my name in the course of my activities under the pretext of selling Koranic drugs or of providing Qur'anic care and treatment.As such, I bring the following clarifications:1-The Medicines of RESCUETOHUMANITY, so my medicines are not available for sale on-line or by any other means and are not sent by package by air or intermediate routes. They are integrated In the care and treatment which I have even provided by Telemedication, to my patients, for the care and treatment of their illnesses and diseases, or for the resolution of their diverse and crucial social needs, and are available only in my Koranic pharmacy.This involves direct contact with all my patients by message at my address or by Whatsapps by my number +232 76 74 46 15, followed by telephone contacts by the same number or by the number +232 77 90 28 33. Any company in my name outside this framework is not me and would then be a pure scam.As part of our procedures, every need that is submitted to me is subject to a rigorous diagnosis to determine the cause or causes of the disease or the social case to be treated, and then to define the medicines Support care and treatment and I accompany my patients for the proper follow-up of the treatments, until their total healing or until the final resolution of their problem.Similarly, in the future development and organization of RESCUETOHUMANITY, there is no provision for the free sale of our Qur'anic medicines. Their delivery is carried out strictly within the framework of the functioning of the RESCUETOHUMANITY health structures, to avoid any bad enterprise Of bad faith persons.We assume total responsibility in our procedures in diagnosis and guarantee the results of the care and treatment that we provide to our patients, BY THE GRACE OF ALLAH.Sheikh Modi Sow